Part number Description
7400 Quad 2-input NAND gate
7402 Quad 2-input NOR gate
7403 Quad 2-input NAND gate
7404 Hex inverter gate
7405 Hex inverter gate
7406 Hex inverter gate
7407 Hex buffer gate
7408 Quad 2-input AND gate>
7409 Quad 2-input AND gate
7410 Triple 3-input NAND gate
7411 Triple 3-input AND gate
7412 Triple 3-input NAND gate
7413 Dual 4-input NAND gate
7414 Hex inverter gate
7415 Triple 3-input AND gate
7416 Hex inverter gate
7420 Dual 4-input NAND gate
7421 Dual 4-input AND gate
7426 Quad 2-input NAND gate
7427 Triple 3-input NOR gate
7430 Single 8-input NAND gate
7432 Quad 2-input OR gate
7438 Quad 2-input NAND gate
7474 Dual D positive edge triggered flip-flop, asynchronous preset and clear
7485 4-bit magnitude comparator
7486 Quad 2-input XOR gate
7490 Decade counter (separate divide-by-2 and divide-by-5 sections)
7493 4-bit binary counter (separate divide-by-2 and divide-by-8 sections)
74109 Dual J-NotK positive-edge-triggered flip-flop, clear and preset
74112 Dual J-K negative-edge-triggered flip-flop, clear and preset
74121 Monostable multivibrator
74123 Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator, clear
74125 Quad bus buffer, negative enable
74132 Quad 2-input NAND gate
74133 Single 13-input NAND gate
74138 3-to-8 line decoder/demultiplexer, inverting outputs
74139 Dual 2-to-4 line decoder/demultiplexer, inverting outputs
74148 8-line to 3-line priority encoder
74160 Synchronous presettable 4-bit decade counter, asynchronous clear
74161 Synchronous presettable 4-bit binary counter, asynchronous clear
74165 8-bit parallel-in serial-out shift register, parallel load, complementary outputs
74173 Quad D flip-flop, asynchronous clear
74174 Hex D flip-flop, common asynchronous clear
74175 Quad D edge-triggered flip-flop, complementary outputs and asynchronous clear
74190 Synchronous presettable up/down 4-bit decade counter
74191 Synchronous presettable up/down 4-bit binary counter
74192 Synchronous presettable up/down 4-bit decade counter, clear
74193 Synchronous presettable up/down 4-bit binary counter, clear
74194 4-bit bidirectional universal shift register
74196 Presettable 4-bit decade counter/latch
74197 Presettable 4-bit binary counter/latch
74221 Dual monostable multivibrator
74240 Octal buffer, inverting outputs
74241 Octal buffer, non-inverting outputs
74244 Octal buffer, non-inverting outputs
74245 Octal bus transceiver, non-inverting outputs
74251 8-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexer, complementary outputs
74253 Dual 4-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexer
74257 Quad 2-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexer, non-inverting outputs
74258 Quad 2-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexer, inverting outputs
74266 Quad 2-input XNOR gate
74273 8-bit register, asynchronous clear
74279 Quad set-reset latch
74280 9-bit odd/even parity bit generator/checker
74283 4-bit binary full adder (has carry in function)
74290 Decade counter (separate divide-by-2 and divide-by-5 sections)
74293 4-bit binary counter (separate divide-by-2 and divide-by-8 sections)
74298 Quad 2-input multiplexer, storage
74324 Voltage-controlled oscillator (or crystal controlled), enable input, complementary outputs
74365 Hex buffer, non-inverting outputs
74368 Hex buffer, inverting outputs
74373 Octal transparent latch
74374 Octal register
74375 Quad bistable latch
74377 8-bit register, clock enable
74390 Dual 4-bit decade counter
74393 Dual 4-bit binary counter
74399 Quad 2-input multiplexer, storage
74490 Dual decade counter
74540 Octal inverter gate
74541 Octal buffer gate
74640 Octal bus transceiver, inverting outputs

The 7400-series table is based on the complete list on Wikipedia.


Part number Description
555 For timer, delay, pulse generation and oscillation applications.